Tribute to Cory and Ninoy

I started knowing about Ninoy when I was seven years when Cory and Doy went to my hometown to campaign for the snap elections called by Ferdinand Marcos and scheduled in February 1986. In this campaign, my lolo (a Batangueño) and my lola opened their home to its most popular guest – fellow Batangueño Doy Laurel. In the corner of the dining room, I stood looking at the man who would be the next Vice President of the Republic.

“The Filipino is worth dying for.”
I can vividly recall this picture drawn in a comic magazine that was being distributed during the campaign period. What I knew was this is Ninoy, Cory’s husband who was gunned down while he was being escorted by military personnel in deplaning a JAL airline at the Manila International Airport tarmac. It was my first taste of Philippine politics – bloody, deadly. Thanks, however, to Ninoy who willingly died for the Filipinos and for our democracy. My baptism of fire came with a commitment to protect the freedom of the Filipino people in every way, no matter how small or big it is.

Primary colors, true colors
Thanks, too, to the yellows and greens that gave a refreshing feeling and hope. It was during this period that I have learned about primary colors even before they tought me this in elementary school – Yellow for Cory, Green for Doy, Red for Marcos, and Blue for Tolentino.
Cory’s yellow lasted for decades and flooded the nation until her death in August 2009. I believe, this will be remembered in our history and will stay to keep the fire burning as long as there are forces who threaten Philippine democracy.

“Cory! Cory!”
The campaign for the February 1986 presidential elections was my only chance to see Cory Aquino, up in the stage at the public plaza. The next, and the last, was in EDSA – when her remains were being transported from La Salle Greenhills to the Manila Cathedral. Two days after, we witnessed her historic funeral, next only to her husband’s, attended by thousands of Filipinos who flocked to the streets and reminded everyone that the Filipino is worth living for
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