The light of democracy and freedom is within reach

I have silently observed the presidential campaign sortees (together with all the issues that come along with the candidates) on TV, radio, print, and the internet. I know that each candidate has his/her own imperfections but I’m choosing the best candidate that, in my view, can best advance and protect the freedom of the Filipino people — the freedom that, I believe, has been clouded and threatened in the last nine years.

Democracy is God’s gift to this country and its people. We need to protect this and ensure that when we wake up in the morning, we are still the same free people that God wants us to be. But there’s a lot to be done and there’s the challenge of rebuilding our various government and social institutions as well as leading a moral revolution.

If you’ll ask me, I believe that there’s one Filipino, at these very challenging times, who can and who is willing to serve as our partner and our leader. I’m entrusting this part of our journey in this nation’s history to NOYNOY AQUINO.

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~ by webbedwhispers on April 15, 2010.

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