Taming the Merlion

In a few days, I’m going back to my favorite place (out of all the places I’ve been to) — Singapore — for another business trip. I heard about at least two new attractions in the city: Universal Studios and The Helix. I’m looking forward  to seeing at least one of these during my four-day stay in the city-state.

Singapore is my love-at-first-sight city. In fact, I’ve been thinking about moving out of Manila to live in this city but, unfortunately, my chances of getting a job in my dreamland is not taking off despite the increasing number of immigrants (but I heard about recent implementation of stricter government rules to control the flock of people from different Asian countries who are sometimes viewed as threats to Singaporeans for jobs and local opportunities). Nevertheless, I’m not losing hope. At the very least, I get to visit the city once a year in the last three years.

Before another trip to make new memories and images with my “love”, here are images of the earlier moments I shared with it.

Orchard Road

The War Memorial

Up-close the Esplanade

View from the Esplanade Drive bridge

Behind the Fullerton Hotel

"Bird" by Fernando Botero

And of course... the Merlion

We all know that there’s more in Singapore (these are just a few images from my camera) and I’m taking my time to discover and experience a true Asian global city.


~ by webbedwhispers on May 7, 2010.

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