(I wrote this while in NAIA T3 waiting for my fligh back to KL last 18 December.)

My unexpected but long awaited vacation is over. It’s not even Christmas yet. But I’m glad just the same. I was able to send my lolo’s remains to his final resting place and was actually given a rare opportunity to speak in front of my family and family friends to share my thoughts about and learnings from my lolo. Not to mention the subtle but loaded promise I uttered in my lolo’s grave–for every one in the family to hear and, hopefully, to ponder upon (this deserves a separate page for discussion).

It has always been hard for me to leave a place. Much more a place where more than half of my life has been spent–with my partner, friends, and career. And so as I await for the boarding announcement from the speakers of this airport hall, I can’t help but to feel heavy-hearted and look teary-eyed. Yes, I missed this place a lot albeit only a four-month absence. A part of me would seriously want to stay.

After my journey (don’t know how long), I’m surely going back home.


~ by webbedwhispers on December 31, 2011.

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