The Malaysia Truly Asia Show

Last night, when we were about to leave the Bukit Bintang area, we chanced upon a free show at the Pavilion tent. The Malaysia Truly Asia Show.

I think the show is sponsored and organized by Tourism Malaysia in coordination with Pavilion Mall. It showed the sounds and sights of Malaysia via some projectors flashing images around the dome-shaped tent. They actually call it a 360-degree show but I’d rather call it 180-degree as nothing is shown on the floor.

Right before the show started, images are already being shown. During the show, there were more pictures and this time a voice over was heard describing the stunning places, the exciting celebrations and the colorful culture of Malaysia. All under the local tagline cuti-cuti 1Malaysia (read chu-ti chu-ti sa-tu Ma-lay-sia).

After the voice over, a group of dancers entered the stage with their graceful moves. After a while, they started chanting and singing. The rhythm is very easy and encouraging that it made me follow them sing as I seat on my chair.

After the first round of entertainment number which ran for minutes, they started the next set by inviting foreigner audiences to join them in the stage for another set of a song and dance presentation. The song and dance steps are very easy to follow.

As I watch this presentation, I can’t help but to admire how Malaysia gives an outstanding way of handling its tourism program–being able to show to the locals and visitors alike what Malaysia really got. This specific show is nothing grand but I think it is very effective.

Relating it to Philippine tourism, I believe that the Philippines’ own places, celebrations and culture are equally amazing. My reactions during the show would show that I have seen all these in the Philippines and at some point I can say that what I saw there were actually better, more exciting and more inspiring.

But when I took some time to pause and think: If I were to bring home to the Philippines a foreigner friend, do we have a similar place for him to see and appreciate the Philippines in one place for a few minutes? I can’t think of one as of this moment.

Nonetheless, after all I’ve seen and experienced in the Philippines, considering the pictures and sing and dance presentations I just saw last night as well as the places I have visited in my short stay here in Malaysia, at some point I can say, it’s more fun in the Philippines. We just don’t have a structured campaign YET. But given a chance, I think the Philippines can do equally outstanding.

In this light, however, I think we should all support a campaign with a regional perspective. Promoting ASEAN as a whole. Especially in these times of global challenges, a regional act to move as one is highly encouraged. We are the same Asians of the southeast corner afterall. TRULY ASEAN.






~ by webbedwhispers on January 22, 2012.

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