City treasure hunt

As they say, the best way to explore a place is by foot. That explains why I enjoy walking (so long as permissible) around the places I visit. Before my first anniversary here in KL, I and my former colleague and good friend visited some places around KL before he left for his very short stint here in Malaysia. It was a long but worthwhile walk (except for taking the KTM in one leg of the trip).

Batu Caves

I have visited this place with another set of friends beginning of this year (see previous post here). The place deserves a second look for further admiration.

This is the leg where we took the KTM from KL Sentral down to the last Station: of course, Batu Caves. this time around, I took few pictures and didn’t attempt to climb up the hundreds of steps to the cave. I was more than happy to wait on the ground watching people and fellow tourists.

20120826-121847 AM.jpg

20120826-122147 AM.jpg

20120826-122202 AM.jpg

20120826-122227 AM.jpg

20120826-122240 AM.jpg

20120826-122258 AM.jpg

KTM Kuala Lumpur Station

The original plan for this walk was just to visit Lake Gardens. But since there were still plenty of time on that fateful Saturday, I decided to bring my friend to Batu Caves. So after that midday (imagine how hot it is in KL and more so in the Batu Caves area) visit to the caves, we took the train back to the city as the access to the Lake Gardens that I knew is near the historic KTM Kuala Lumpur Station.

I’m a sucker for old buildings and I’ve been wanting to stop by this station every time I view this place from the LRT/ bus window as I pass by. Finally, I got my chance. The architecture of the building is amazing and the preservation of this place is admirable.

20120826-123342 AM.jpg

20120826-123442 AM.jpg

20120826-123419 AM.jpg

20120826-123458 AM.jpg

20120826-123512 AM.jpg

20120826-123525 AM.jpg

20120826-123545 AM.jpg

20120826-123644 AM.jpg

20120826-123654 AM.jpg

20120826-123717 AM.jpg

This is the headquarters of KTM Berhad across the station. This is equally (if not more) lovely as the old train station. The archaic design truly brings me back in time.

20120826-125215 AM.jpg

20120826-125229 AM.jpg

20120826-125242 AM.jpg

20120826-125253 AM.jpg

20120826-125802 AM.jpg

The National Mosque

Of course, what’s the sense of touring a Muslim-dominated country without visiting the symbol of its state religion? Thankfully, the vast surrounding of the National Mosque is open to tourists and non-Muslims like us. Let me show you around.

20120826-010135 AM.jpg

20120826-010204 AM.jpg

20120826-010147 AM.jpg

20120826-010218 AM.jpg

20120826-010236 AM.jpg

20120826-010258 AM.jpg

20120826-010336 AM.jpg

20120826-010321 AM.jpg

Lake Gardens

And now, here’s the main attraction: The Lake Gardens or Taman Tasik Perdana. According to, this is the oldest and most popular park in KL. There are other attractions in the area like the Deer Park, Bird Park and Butterfly Park but we just went straight to the majestic lake. Guided by Google map on our iPhones, we found our way to the lake by passing through a close-gated pass with a view (and smell) of the Deer Park.

20120826-012545 AM.jpg

20120826-012602 AM.jpg

20120826-012613 AM.jpg

20120826-012630 AM.jpg

20120826-012644 AM.jpg

20120826-012652 AM.jpg

20120826-012717 AM.jpg

20120826-012750 AM.jpg

20120826-012831 AM.jpg

20120826-012934 AM.jpg

20120826-012948 AM.jpg

20120826-012911 AM.jpg

20120826-012853 AM.jpg

20120826-013010 AM.jpg

20120826-013024 AM.jpg

20120826-013044 AM.jpg

20120826-013131 AM.jpg

20120826-013144 AM.jpg

20120826-013213 AM.jpg

20120826-013227 AM.jpg

20120826-013239 AM.jpg

20120826-013251 AM.jpg

20120826-013314 AM.jpg

It was getting late but the sun is still up (the sun in KL sets at 7ish). One interesting part of this walk tour is our discovery of a shortcut back to KL Sentral. That is via the tunnel that connects the park and the National Museum [and a future MRT station (?) that is currently under construction]. Across the National Museum is KL Sentral. If you find yourself in this area on your visit here, just be careful in crossing the highway. Who says hunting by foot is easy anyway? One thing is for sure, it’s fun!


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