Like a mountain dew

Five different weddings in three consecutive months. Former colleagues, a college classmate, a former crush. In four of these, I’m one of the grooms men–for the nth time (I lost count already).

On one hand, there’s this one indescribeable realization that I may never get the chance to be a groom. On the otherhand, it’s amazing to be valued by friends by becoming a part of one of the most important celebrations of their lives. I may have done something good to deserve this. It’s my pleasure and I’m grateful.

Unions, for me, is one of the happy events where such bliss may only be expressed through tears. Most of us may be ashamed to show how touched we are; but deep inside, we are crying. We reminisce the people we love and the moments we shared and we wish to have one of this celebration to call our own (or again–if you already had yours–with the same person or with the one you wished you were with).

I will be witnessing more nuptial vows but I’ll never get tired of appreciating the momentary happiness one brings. Even in tears.


~ by webbedwhispers on January 10, 2011.

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